When a human being understands the impact they have on another, compassion can thrive. When compassion is present we seek to understand the real needs of another. We take time to understand and we activate change from this place – not a place of personal recognition, but a place of truth.

Hello. My name is Mia Munro. Mia & KO (that’s you!) = MIAKO

I am a passionate Social Entrepreneur & Innovator and I believe a SHIFT is happening that we must not ignore. We can continue to do business without regard for HUMANITY, but with this attitude we’ll only destroy humanity even more. We know our old way of doing business is affecting our physical world too.

No longer is it acceptable to cause such pain to each other. We cause pain when we build companies that disregard the humans working in them. We cannot continue to ignore the impact of slave labour and inequality when we actually have an abundance of resources available. We cannot continue to misuse those resources. We cannot continue to think we are any better than any other human being.

With this insight I do not mean to blame anyone. I am human too, but I invite you to consider and connect into the impact we have on others!

What if we created movements that were driven by activated leaders?

MIAKO is a path to activation for business and community leaders who want structures that support commercial success while solving social problems.

MIAKO is an opportunity for activated leaders to consciously lead inspired women with a ripple effect that will transform communities.

Mia + KO have come together to launch a Social Enterprise that is destined to help correct humanity’s imbalance through education and a new model for doing business.

Mia-KO x

MiaMunroAndLittleGirlMia Munro is the founder of MIAKO. She is an author, a speaker on social innovation, a mentor and a leader who believes that social innovation is the way to shift humanity.

Her documentary ‘ The Unconventional Way’ has touched many lives and inspired change. Mia has travelled to multiple countries and worked within many social projects. In two years she spoke to over 2,500 leaders in 14 countries and advocated for over 100,000 people in communities through sharing their stories with fellow filmmaker David Brown.

She believes that today’s leadership requires:

  • Connection to one’s self and your teams
  • Compassion to others whatever race or background
  • Congruency and alignment essential to a new world
  • Collaboration the core ingredient to activate change
  • Contribution to a purpose that’s bigger than you

Mia is available to speak at your events to share ‘The MIAKO Story’ and her formula for the integration of social innovation into all projects.